Friday, November 6, 2009

Stopping pop-up asking to "Unlock the default keyring"

A nice benefit when installing a GNU/Linux distro is to setup a separate partition to mount the Home directory.  This is nice because you can re-install an OS (or install a different distro) without effecting your documents, music, configuration and such.

Although you can sometimes run into a situation where your keyring has a password mismatch.   If you know the original keyring password you can change it.  If you do not there is no way to reset it but you can rebuild it.

What is a Keyring?  A keyring is database that contains all your passwords (wpa key included). For other application to use your keys/password in your keyring they will ask your keyring for them, if your keyring is locked you will be requested to unlock it.

How do you rebuild the keyring?
Pull up a terminal window, and type these command

rm -rf ~/.gnome2/keyrings
rm -rf /tmp/keyring-*
rm -rf /tmp/orbit-$USER

reboot your system (restarting X would do but this is easier)

When you are back in gnome you will be ask enter a password to lock your
keyring. enter a password and remember it.  This password can be the same as your login.

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